We leave for Vegas in the morning. The team is so excited most the guys have never been to Vegas or have played in games that mean so much. Our flight is at 10: 50 and it can come soon enough. For a old dog like myself this year is very different. I feel like its my last chance and it is. I want to win the championship. I want to beat the Zags in the finals. I understand that we need to win Sunday to make any of that possible. So I’m not thinking about championships of bulldogs only about Sunday and the importance of that game. I keep telling the guys that we need to get Sunday before we can win Monday. We practice hard today, I was happy with how it went. The team was sharp and played well. Practice is so important going into a big game because you always play as you practice so to see the team sharp and playing hard was good. Only time will tell how this weekend will play out. I’m excited, ready and look forward to the challenge of the weekend. I will give more updates after practice tomorrow we our practicing in the Orleans so it will be good to get on that court and get a feel for everything.


~ by omarsamhan50 on March 6, 2010.

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