1st DAY IN VEGAS!!!!

Today was a good day for the Gaels. The bubble is popping for a lot of teams and that helps us big time. Tennessee 75 beat Miss. St 59 helps also Connecticut lost to South Florida and UAB lost to UTEP. Utah State won again, as did SDSU. These were all good for us from a NCAA tournament stand point. No more about them its about us. We landed and went to the hotel where we relaxed for a few hours. Then we had practice at 4 today. I was mad because I wanted to practice at the Orleans Arena where we will be playing but instead we went to Cox’s with is UNLV’s women’s gym. We will get a chance in the morning to warm up a little on the hoops at the Orleans Arena. We don’t know who we play yet but I’m guessing we will play Portland. It will be a good game and I am excited to see what happens between LMU and Gonzaga might be a better game than many people think. I’m cant wait for tomorrow!


~ by omarsamhan50 on March 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “1st DAY IN VEGAS!!!!”

  1. It’s great to be able to follow you and the team in Vegas! Keep up the blog and hook it up to your twitter and facebook to reach even more fans!

  2. Way to play tonight guys!!! You are making us Alumni very proud. Give Gonzaga hell tomorrow night!!! Omar, take care of that ankle my friend. We wish you guys all the best. Go Gaels!!!!

    Keith Adair

    Class of 2000

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  4. You Rock!!!!!

  5. Willllburrr, cool website!!!!!

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