The man The myth The Legand

Heres my experience big O. Goodluck you guys are ready.
One love,

Being a player at St Mary’s college was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Its hard to put into words the exact experience. When i first started trying to decide where i was going to be playing college basketball I did not expect to end up at a small school such as St Mary’s. However after visiting there and seeing the talent that was already there and that would be coming in the future it made me realize that St Mary’s was a program that was headed to the National spotlight. There is no way to better prove that than to win your conference, conference tourney or the ultimate attention getter, making it to the NCAA field of 64. While at St Mary’s i ever only achieved the last one once and neither of the first two. It was the 07-08 season that really made my St Mary’s collegiate career a success. We had an unbelievable preseason and conference run that brought national headlines and rankings. However none of that could compare to here our name called on Selection Sunday. With hearts racing, palms sweating finally Greg Gumbell said our name and that we would be heading to Little Rock Arkansas. The next 48 hours is a little bit like a dream. Chartered jets, police escorts everywhere you go and red carpet celebrity status. Literally you do not stop for one red light the entire time you are there. So crazy! I remember eating at a PF Changs by the hotel and having a table of police bodyguards watching us and making sure there were no issues. Why would there be issues were just some kids from a school in Cali? Regardless of that it still is a cool vibe. The hardest part of all the hype is trying to focus in on the fact that you actually have to play a game in two days. The fans, the attention and the hype still cant compare to the inner feeling of success and gratitude. It is all a reward for you and the other twelve guys standing next to you. The bond that is created while playing college basketball is awesome and no other experience on any pro level will ever be the same.

This years St Mary’s team has the tools to do something special. They already did something that no other St Mary’s team had done in thirteen years! They also got to relax on Sunday and see where they would be traveling first class. I never thought i would feel so much school pride and emotions while watching the Gaels this year. I love those guys! Seeing what Omar, Ben, Mickey, Delle, Clint, Jordy and all the others have accomplished this year is amazing! Watching them humiliate the Zags and staying up all night skyping with todd from Spain to Israel with tears in my eyes was the best time i have had while living abroad. So proud of this team and no matter what happens they will be remembered for their accomplishments. However that doesnt mean I’ am still not betting on them all the way to the Sweet Sixteen. Omar and Ben lead your team and leave it all out there because wherever the future leads you two it will never be like this again. Blessings to all of the players and staff. Gaels forever!!!!!!!


~ by omarsamhan50 on March 17, 2010.

5 Responses to “The man The myth The Legand”

  1. Loved reading this. Thanks for sharing.
    Love to all
    Marianne Black-Samhan

  2. Ian – great post. gave me the chills.

    thanks for a great 4 years at SMC.

    hope all is going well for you and the missus in Spain. take care, Josh Mitchell

  3. Legend is spelled … L-e-g-e-n-d, dude!

  4. Omar – You guys rocked today! I watch from my PC at work. You guys are making Gaels all around the world proud. You can beat Villanova – you guys are a better team.

    Play Hard – Jeff 92′

  5. Prophetic Mr. O’leary with the Sweet 16 call. Now the question is, Elit Eight? Hope things are going well in Spain, that you’re getting whatever support you need. If you’re missing some Gael Force love, here’s a rough cut of a video that’s uploading on Youtube of the Gael Force (and faculty, staff, parents and alumni) cheering at the top of their lungs in Dryden Hall. It will be live soon.

    God (who is a Gael) bless.

    -Tim H. class of 2010

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