~ by omarsamhan50 on March 19, 2010.

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  1. Omar, Congratulations on putting together your blog. As your blog builds momentum, it will become another centerpiece of your accomplishments. Keep it going!!!

  2. Omar’s blog url was included in the ESPN recap of the win over Nova. First the Gaels storm the national scene. And now the blog is coming on strong.

    Gaels are a pleasure to watch. Keep that inside/outside game going and good luck in Houston. Go Gaels!

  3. Omar and team – Great game! My wife and I are about to have a baby this coming Thursday and we were cleaning up our house and baby’s room to your game and we loved it! I have to admit we’re Florida Gators but since our Gators are out, we are adopting your team as our team to beat! Keep it up and focus. Focus. Focus. You guys can beat any team out there. No one is great. A great TEAM like you guys can do it.

  4. Omar, Congratulations you are the Beast. Keep stroking that ball.
    I just bought my ticket to Indianapolis so just win two more and I will see you in the final four. hey it worked the first time.
    Its all about the G and its all in O Zone.

    You take care and thank you for all the play,its been fun

    We love you, and love the blog

    Terri and Steve

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