~ by omarsamhan50 on March 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “BLOG GETTING SOME LOVE!!!”

  1. Big Daddy so glad to see you and your teammates going to the sweet 16. Beezer and I are pumped up. Keep up the hard work

  2. Go, Gaels! 1970 grad and long time season ticket holders. You guys are great! Looking to watch you in Houston.
    Ken Hogarty – Principal – Sacred Heart in San Francisco

  3. Big Man, I just told skylar about your big win, he is a UCSB in the phd program. He never tells anyone but I played with Mario Eile, Coach of Sacremento. Maybe the next NBA head coach. I am sure he is watching as he loves team players, after you win the tournament give skylar a blip. He would have been a great player, once hit 10 shots in a row, from 6 feet with me tapping the rim for him, all the best frank father of skylar 2009 SMC

  4. Congratulations on an amazing game, Omar. Good luck in Sweet 16!

  5. Big #50! congrades from the only graduate of SMC(’85) who ALSO attended Villanova for my freshman and sophmore years…I am very proad and excited for you, the Gael b-ball team and our beloved SMC! Keep focus, take the crowd in Houston and go beyond what any WCC team has done since the day’s of USF’s Bill Russell team’s…Since of history is in your hands and you have a once in a life time opprtunity to make SMC a household name, nationwide; YOU and your teammates are on the cusip of being the best PR and recruiter for SMC B-ball, all Gael sport programs and acdemiics!
    Demand it and take what is rightful yours…a final 4 bid!

    class of 1985, Colin Hill
    Tampa, Florida

  6. Hi O….love the blog. Some really great stuff. You and the boys have been phenomenal. It has been a highlight to be there in the front rows for the first two victories and we’ll be there again this weekend. You have been a tremendous leader of a very willing group. Most people have a desire to win but only a few combine that with the ability. You have both. You’re a true unselfish winner O and you deserve all the love you’re getting. Go get it my friend!!!


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