Night before Villanova


~ by omarsamhan50 on March 20, 2010.

26 Responses to “Night before Villanova”

  1. Fire up boys this is the big one!

    Jeff – Seattle 92′

  2. LETS GO GAELS !!!! this is your shot to prove America wrong. I believe you guys shoot 3’s better free throws better, you guys are bigger and stronger. Bring this back to the pride of Moraga.

    ITS ALL ABOUT THE SWEET 16 !!!! Believe

  3. Way to go Omar! You and the Gaels are fun to watch. This would have happened a year earlier if Patrick Mills hadn’t been injured but it’s great to see you get your due now. Keep kickin’ butt — this trip isn’t over yet.

  4. Yeah boys! Way to play today Omar. Keep up the hard work and marching through the bracket!

  5. Way to go, Omar! A big congrats to you and the rest of the team on advancing to the Sweet 16.

    I think it’s wonderful you’ve set up this blog. It’s a great way to document your entire experience in the tournament…and don’t forget which teacher introduced you to blogging last year! haha

    Good luck in Houston. We’re converting everyone in Indiana to be Saint Mary’s fans! πŸ™‚

  6. unbelievable win today, the whole country is now behind you guys as you are the story of the tourney so far, helluva win…

  7. Way more fun than Seminar! As an alum, I want to not only thank you for the wins that bring tears to my eyes, but how well you represent St. Mary’s, the tradition, and the whole Bay Area! True Class. Can’t wait to watch you take it to the final four! Fear the Roo. Remember GOD IS A GAIL!

  8. I’ve never heard of St Mary’s, but let me say this. After watching the teamwork and the poise you all displayed, I am super impressed! I am currently sitting at an AF base in Alaska and you guys were all the talk. Not just for pulling an upset, but for the way you guys played. Even though you ruined everyone”s picks, including my own as I picked you lose in the 2nd round, know that many wish you continued success as you guys contiue forward. You guys are what make these games exciting! Keep your poise, keep your heads in the game, and play St Mary’s ball and you guys will keep going forward!!

  9. YES!!!

  10. Omar you very talented on and off the court you must be a reflection of good parents that raised you very well. I hope to see you in the final

  11. Was waiting for you to dunk it down their throats all day Samhan, what gives?! Really though, fantastic game guys, congratulations. You’ve got all the respect in the world right now, enjoy the ride, and keep your heads on straight for the regionals!

    I’d also like to nominate Dellavedova and McConnell for the sickest shots of the year today. You’re all supermen, every one of you.

  12. Great job, Gaels!!!! You shocked the world today! So proud of you guys. Keep up with the unselfish play.

  13. WOW – what a game. Go Gaels. I was rooting for the Longhorns – with their early exit, you are now my team. You can do it – just take each game, like’s it’s another game to show your skills!

  14. Hey man! You tore it up today…. conrgats!!! All the way from Toronto Canada… Suri

  15. Cheering you on from Australia!

  16. Wow… What can I say? I have never watched SMU play hoops before, as I have lived in the great state of Michigan all of my life. As a Spartan fan/student/alumni, I have seen teams play with greatness; and I have seen them come out flat.

    I can honestly say that I am now a big Gaels fan after watching you guys handle Nova today. The poise, and level of concentration at which you played [and maintained] was most impressive. The Big Ten still has a few teams in the tourney, and while I’m not going to Houston, I am looking at tickets for St. Louis, especially after watching NIU knock off Kansas today.

    Best of luck against Baylor on Thursday/Friday, enjoy your time in the Sweet Sixteen, and congratulations on two most impressive ‘upsets’.

    I saw this blog on the web, I think it’s a great idea, and as of this afternoon, I LOVE AUSTRALIA!! Go Gales!! [and MSU]

  17. From a Zag fan to you guys. I’m rooting hard for both teams. That was a well-played great game against Nova today. I think you guys can do Baylor too. I think the WCC has not been getting the respect it deserves. Next year, because of St. Mary’s effort, the sports commentators will be looking at the whole league now, and that’s a plus. You’ve put in a great effort too from Freshman year onward. How do you like the pay off? Ain’t it great!

  18. Great job to get into the Sweet 16 guys! I hope you can take down the Baylor Beast in their home state. I know that if you keep playing like you did against Nova that you’ll be in it to win it! What more can your fans ask than that?

    Dave SMC Grad 1990

    p.s. Omar, you called it, Nova WAS the BEST WIN EVER by an SMC Basketball Team. This will go down in the annals of SMC history along with Slip Madigan Football program of the 1920’s and 1930’s

  19. Omar is a beast! This guy is legit.. Keep trying out for the little thing called the NBA!

  20. You guys played a great game against Villanova. Samhan is the man, no doubt. I can see this team going to the Final Four. Keep up the good work. But, remember this one thing. If you end up playing the West Virginia Mountaineers, my allegiance is with WVU. I’m sorry, but I’m a Mountaineer forever. Good luck and God bless!

  21. Big O, thanks for taking the picture with my daughter before the game. What a great day for you, the Gael’s, and Moraga. Hope to see you in Houston

  22. Great blog Omar! Thanks for doing this and for making all the Gaels out there proud of our team!

    Class of ’95

  23. hey omar. my name is michael and ill be a freshman at saint marys in the fall on a soccer scholarship. my family and i have alot of fun watch8ing you guys on tv whenever your on. Great win against villanova! goodluck against baylor!

  24. I dug my St. Mary’s class ring out of a drawer and am wearing it around this week. I am so proud of you guys!

    Pat 71′

  25. Even if your Mom didn’t believe—I have you in the Final Four and winning the whole thing–why not? My only problem was that you beat KU for the championship. So much for that side of the bracket. Thanks for all of the great games this year—made staying up to 1 AM Central worthwhile.
    Steve 70′ A Gaels Fan in Kansas (and making believers out of Jayhawks Fans)

  26. Awesome game against Villanova – keep it up. Focus on rebounds (both ends) against Baylor and make them pay for their turnovers. Congratulations again. We knew you could do it, YOU knew you could do it – keep showing the rest of the Bay Area, WCC and the nation that YOU are a force to be reckoned with.

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