~ by omarsamhan50 on March 22, 2010.

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  1. Congratulations to you boys; it’s well-deserved. I became a believer during the Villanova game, as did others. Feel free to check out the site; we’d love to have you and your teammates provide prospective sometime. Onto round three, where the whole world will still be watching. Be easy, homie.

  2. Great game on Saturday Omar! We are so proud and happy for you guys- keep up the good work! GOD IS A GAEL!

  3. Sweet!

    Here is some wood to stoke your fire – the bogus RPI has you beneath teams that you BEAT head-to-head (San Diego St, Richmond and Villanova) and those that are OUT of the tourney and did not even win one game – (Temple, Georgetown, and Vandy). Continue to prove them wrong. Go Gaels!

    • Good luck in Texas. This is just another road game. Keep the magic alive.
      We should match up well and all get our points in play. And the Aussies
      are in play for the spots on the National Team……..
      Santa Cruz Gaels Doug and Rose Gallaghdr

  4. O,
    Jim Cramer just gave SMC a few plugs on his “Stop Trading” segment with Erin Burnett. 3/22 11am street signs. It’s all about the G.

  5. i was at the game on Saturday. amazing! good luck the rest of the way.

  6. St Mary’s, Thanks for the great show you put on in Providence last weekend. Good luck next weekend. You’ve got a lot of new fans in Rhode Island !!! Go Gaels !!

  7. Great video. I’m very happy for SMC and the team. Enjoy it all and keep fighting for those wins!

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