~ by omarsamhan50 on March 23, 2010.

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  1. Omar – I hope you enjoy this song Marcello wrote for the Gaels. . Best – Tony and Marcello

  2. just wanted to say good luck. hard not to cheer for you guys as well, you represent your school and your team well. Don’t take any lip from the media, there are no ‘mid-majors’ and you didn’t ‘upset’ anyone, you beat em because you were better, that simple.

    Be safe in Houston, that place is nuts,


    A Baylor fan

  3. GO GAELS GO!!! Shouting all the way from De La Salle schools from the Philippines. We’re with you Gaels! We’re ONE!! Come on and Let’s make HISTORY

  4. Good luck against Baylor this week and beyond, Omar. I watched the Nova game the other day and I just wanted to let you know the Gaels have at least one more person pulling for them after that game, and surely many others, too.

  5. Thank you for not being the same old cookie-cutter college athletes with safe, politically correct answers. I think part of the reasons get bad reps is schools and coaches force them into being robots, and when you’re forced to turn off your personality in every interview, you sound bored and disinterested. I’m hopping aboard the St. Mary’s bandwagon as long as it keeps you in the spotlight.

    However, I think you and Mark Titus need to have a throwdown.

  6. You are getting a lot of publicity. Keep up the good work, and I now know a lot of people who check your blog. Good stuff.

  7. Hello from France. I don’t know how to reply on twitter, so i came here.I follow the march madness since 2005 ( with ronny turiaf) and i continue to follow gonzaga. So i discovered a little team from the same conference as gonzaga ( a team call..i don’t remember..yes : st mary πŸ˜‰ ).
    Congratulations for you 2 first round. With all i saw in this march madness, i think you ‘ll be drafting. If it’s not the case, don’t stop to play basket-ball, and try your chance in Europa.
    Be carful of your futur oppnent : do not fall in trashtalking. It’s a waste of time and energy to reply: do the job without pay attention, and if you some few second, look direclty in the eye of you oppnent with a large laught. Guaranted.

    Another big sentence from an olf guy : there is no pressure, only real dream !


  8. Omar, Sweet 16-bound! I have Baylor in my Final Four, but I will be rooting for your squad! All the best from Milwaukee! I would have loved to see your Gaels take on my Marquette Golden Eagles. Good luck!

  9. Omar…Houston is ready for the entertainment! Keep it comin! Hey dude you have a little TR in your public speaking skills! Live with PASSION! Play with PASSION! I’m sure a fan with PASSION! Thank you and your teammates for all of this fun.

  10. Quit talking. Beat Baylor. Get pissed and destoy those boys…

    Do you want to a cute silly stroy from 2010? Or a really deal elite 8 team?

    Rock those texas boys…

  11. Why do you wear low cut sneakers while playing basketball? What basketball player did you closely emulate while growing up? Good luck in Houston!

  12. Glad you showed up in Houston. I guess it is “kinda hard to zone (y’all),” in your verbage. HAHA, hope your mom was only staying for one night.

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