~ by omarsamhan50 on March 24, 2010.

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  1. luv all the videos ! stay focused // enjoy the run & BEAT BAYLOR !!! GOOD LUCK GUYS !!!

  2. Love it hahahaha

  3. hahaha soopa stah

  4. Loving the blog Omar! Best of the luck to you and the boys in the sweet sixteen! Love the basketball you guys play, it’s great to watch, I had never been into college basketball until I began watching the st mary’s games at the end of last year here in oz. Now I find myself up at 5:30am glued to the TV as the Gael’s blast past Villanova. Bring on Baylor!

    Adelaide, Australia.

  5. God is a Gael!!! Keep rollin!!!

  6. Hey Omar do you Daniel and Isaac the twins from Vrigina
    They want to wish you good luck DAD played alumni 1983

  7. Go get em sooo per star

  8. OMAR, Good luck in Houston cant wait to see you guys shock the world. Beezer and the girls have been wearing their Gaels gear all week at school

  9. Nice run, Omar, but you made a mistake predicting a national championship. Pride always comes before a fall.

  10. Predicting a national championship is something any player in the sweet 16 would do..Omar just did it in front of a camera..YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME

  11. Thanks for the ride sorry it didnt turn out the way you wanted but we syre had fun watching you, hopefully the suns will draft you.

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