We Love Haters!!!


~ by omarsamhan50 on March 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “We Love Haters!!!”

  1. You boys just keep proving the haters wrong! Good luck on Friday — you’re all tough as nail and you’ve proven that again and again. I hope to see you play in the Elite 8 game.

  2. hahaha ! this dinosaur was born in august 1959 so that win was b4 even me BUT YOU GUYS R GONNA MAKE SCHOOL HISTORY … RIGHT ?!!
    so maybe you haven’t seen the ” width & girth ” of Baylor but that does not mean you can’t go out & win the game !!!
    good luck boys !!!! i luv a good underdog story & win !!!

  3. What!! Those two dudes definitely hasn’t seen the Gonzaga game. Omar Scored just 9 points, Gaels were carried by guys like McConnell 4-7 3pts., Ben Allen 4-6 3pts, that’s a high percentage for 3 point shooting. And how tall is Allen I’ll give those 2 nut-heads 3 guesses.

    Even if they collapse on Omar there are a lot of guys who can take over the cudgels and strike Baylor with accurate shooting and unselfish plays. The Gael Force as it is known.

    Baylor doesn’t know that ANYONE from the Gaels can EXPLODE when situations calls for it. Could be Allen, Mikey, Jorden, Steindl, Dellavedova, Levesque. And it has been proven!!

    And when they shoot, the guys are of quick jump and release or just a very quick release to offset tight guarding.

    Baylor will be lost when Gaels’ outside shooting rains on them. Lastly, Omar can handle the inside plays handily, he can easily fake, shoot, drop-pass or doing a kick out play.

    Of course they want Baylor to win, simply because those guys are paid handsomely by big media corporation to come up with the best analysis for high Nielsen ratings. Unfortunately, leading up to the sweet 16 they failed and made a fool of themselves. So much for their reputation. They should get axed from the station.

    Watch out Houston, as history unfolds.

    GO GAELS GO!!!

  4. OH I forgot another secret weapon is Mitchell Young.

  5. Jason….. it’s not “Gals” it “gaEls” you idiot… let’s show them boys!!!

  6. Omar – make this a battle…

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