~ by omarsamhan50 on March 26, 2010.

17 Responses to “Practice!!!”

  1. Beautiful.

    I grew up in KY, played all over the country.
    I’ll be rooting for y’all Friday night!


  2. I love this video man. Best of luck tomorrow, all the way from back home. The world is watching…

    God is a Gael

  3. Gaels – To win – just do what you’ve done since Gonzaga. If you are as focused and as pumped as the WCC championship game- – – for this game – – – and the next three. You can win a national championship. If you are am pumped as the Gonzaga game for every remaining game you will leave in history forever.

    God is a Gael

  4. Omar – we believe in you guys. More importantly, you guys believe in yourselves. With Washington and Cornell going out tonight – you have the lowest seed. Prove them wrong. Leave it all out on the court (as usual).

  5. Thanks Bryan ! Awesome job !!
    Good luck Gaels !! show Baylor who you r & then take it to them for the big W !!! Elite 8 !! WOO HOO !!

  6. love the song. I grew up in Houston love seein all the sites back home. Show H-town what real hoops is

  7. Omar- Be the big man you are. Play with Confidence and play real aggressive against those big men.

    Good luck and the entire bay area will be watching the gaels kick some behind =)

  8. You guys truely are a great TEAM and thats why you guys are doing so well. I am from Providence and was there last week and saw what u guys did to Richmond and Villanova and the way you all played as a team. you each pick eachother up and play together as 1 unit. We were big St. Mary’s fans last weekend and wish you all the best today. I hope you all the success in the future.

  9. Were you still talking big when you were down 35 to Baylor? How did you against Baylor’s second team?

  10. baylor destroyed you

  11. Stand tall, Omar! You and the team made all the Gaels around the world proud. You’ve done more for St Mary’s basketball than anyone else!

  12. I guess first and last huh? Blog about the plane ride home’ peanuts for me. HA

  13. Omar – all of you did so well. We are all proud. You guys went against big budget teams with huge support and took them on and represented the WCC and the East Bay. Way to go, and we all loved your story. Many of us have a lot more in common then we know. Best regards to your bright future!

  14. omar you have done great!!! moraga is very proung of you!

  15. Hey Omar,

    I’m 100% in agreement with Aaron’s comments. You’re the Beast for thousands of Gaels fans throughout the world, & you and your crew had us Gaels eating Vegemite sandwiches, saying Hail Marys, and following your blog. You will live on in Gael history & we love you always.

  16. Thanks for the fun ride, Omar! I don’t follow sports, but your Humboldt County fan base invited me along.

  17. You guys did great… but the game against Baylor was just plain painful to watch… I stopped watching and went to donate blood. I figured getting stuck with a needle was less painful and at least beneficial to someone. Great job on your knocking off Villanova. You’re still the best SMC basketball team of all time!

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