Quick Trip

Im on my way to Detriot today i work out with them first thing in the morning then i fly right back to go to some finals.


~ by omarsamhan50 on May 16, 2010.

One Response to “Quick Trip”

  1. Good luck
    I’m sure you will meet the same guy competing with you in all workout : make some file about them how they shoot, positive and negative point and so on . Try to find informztion in the lake of the team in the center position : poor point rate, defensive ….
    It help you to adapted your workout in the way the team are looking for. All team have some profil in mind : the quicker you guess them, the more perfom you will be in workout.

    It lot of work and no time to visit town, but if you want to play in NBA, all detail, the lilltest, count.

    And of course don’t forget the norml think : be on time ( early it’s better), listen what the team men want ( they are god !), always show a good face : help the weakest ( team spirit), never a bad word…

    Good luck and thank for ttelling us you quest ( it’s one !!)

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